What To Do When People Disapprove of Your Fasting…

“What should  I say when people disapprove of my fasting?”

It’s a question I get on a daily basis.

Now, the old me would have advised to explain all the wonderful benefits of fasting. To defend your choice with the examples of fasting all throughout history, from all different parts of the world.

But that’s not my answer anymore.

My answer is that you shouldn’t care.

At all.

You are doing this for you, not for them.

You are fasting once or twice a week because you know it’s working for you…

Because getting that extra fat off of your body makes you feel awesome.

And you know that most of the nutrition rules everyone else blindly follows are mostly useless (or at least their effectiveness is greatly exaggerated).

The point is that you have to OWN your goals.

If your goal is to lose weight then you really have to ignore everyone who is trying to steer you off track, by questioning your methods.

If something is working for you then you don’t need to defend it, especially to negative people who are simply trying to rain on your success, or your choice to be different.

So when it comes to weight loss and how you eat, remember, it’s your goals, your choices and your approval that you should worry about, not the goals, choices and approvals of anyone else.

So when people ask you why you are fasting, just answer

“because it’s awesome”.

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