Will Post Workout Protein Build Muscles?

“Hi Brad, When it comes to how much protein I should eat for muscle building I was wondering if you could tell me what the difference is between ‘whole body protein synthesis’ & ‘mean muscle protein synthesis’? For instance, I am really interested in the benefits of drinking a protein shake during my workouts since […]

The Truth About Protein

Protein could be one of the most popular and controversial topics in all of nutrition. It’s become the golden child of muscle building and fat loss. Wanna build big muscles? Eat your protein. Wanna lose fat and look like a fitness model? Eat your protein. After all, everyone knows you need to eat a minimum […]

Fasting for your Muscles

Yesterday I released the newest version of Eat Stop Eat. There’s a lot of new info in this edition, most notably the information on autophagy and gaining muscle while fasting. So what’s the connection between autophagy and muscle? Well, if you wanted to sum up weight training in one poorly written sentence it would be: […]

In Search of Perfect Abs

Sometimes, what holds you back in your weight loss efforts and your quest for perfect abs are not typical words, such as protein, fat, carbs, calories or extreme body workout. Two of your biggest obstacles have nothing to do with what you eat. They are self confidence and perfection. There is a misconception that it […]

How do I keep from losing muscle?

There is some confusion about what makes a person gain and lose muscle. When a person is bedridden, he or she loses muscle. A person on a low-calorie diet will also lose muscle. When I was researching the Eat Stop Eat program, I obtained input from several dietitians, and all of them spoke of bedridden […]