Why I now listen to Fitness Charlatans

A good friend of mine recently bought me the book “AntiFragile” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. A very fascinating book with lots of hidden gems in it (worth a read). One of those gems was a little paragraph about “Charlatans”. In this chapter Nassim explained that a ‘Charlatan’ was someone who relied on experiment and experience […]

That mouse study

If I remember correctly, the FTC views the use of animal research in supplement advertising to be one of the most heinous advertising infractions, right up there with Photoshopped before and after photos. Why? Because they believed that due to the lack of transferability of animal research to humans, doing so would be intentionally misleading […]

The Biggest Loser Research Study

OK, first I want to tell you one last thing about the Reverse Taper Diet- Simply that it was designed with the goal of preventing post-weight loss weight-rebound. You know, how people diet like crazy, hit their ideal weight, then 3 days later they are back up 15 pounds? I want that to stop. My […]