Does High Metabolism Make You Lose Weight?

NOTE: The following is guest post from John Barban. John is a professional strength coach and author of ” The Anything Goes Diet” and ” Venus Index Workout” So you’ve probably read some sort of marketing about  foods that can ‘boost’ your metabolism and crash diets that can ‘slow down’ your metabolism. This is all […]

Your Metabolism and a 5 Million Dollar Fine

Here’s a new video I shot to explain how difficult it is to know your EXACT metabolic rate, and why some very practical solutions are better then worrying about this number. Also, just wanted to share news that a very prominent Supplement marketer just got fined 5.5 million for making false claims. (Of course, they […]

Muscle and your Metabolism

Question: How many calories can be burned by a pound of muscle? Answer: One pound of muscle burns about five calories in a 24 hour period when the muscle is at rest. This fact is contrary to what is commonly stated. You may have heard that anywhere from 10 to 50 calories can be burned […]

The Truth About Boosting Your Metabolism

Boosting your metabolism – It‘s the talk of the town. It seems that everyone has the perfect recipe that can help you increase your metabolism – from manmade supplements to natural foods, and from exercise routines to meditational practices. But before you buy into claims that a certain supplement or exercise can boost your metabolism […]