Eat Stop Eat Testimonials

“…I lost 30 pounds in 7 weeks“

Eat stop eat works. That’s as simple as I can put it. Of course when you start ESE it is going to be difficult -at least it was for me. It gets easier. I did not experience any headaches, lethargy or the like. The media wants you to believe if you were to skip breakfast you could pass out before lunch, this is nonsense. Eat stop eat makes losing weight simple.

I lost 30 pounds in 7 weeks, and it changed my life. You will not only save money from the few meals you will be skipping (fasting), but the physical and emotional stress from being overweight will be gone. As Brad has said, “Life is too short to not look the way you want to look”. Keep it up Brad, you inspire us all.



“…the easiest diet plan I’ve ever followed”

I’ve completed 8 weeks of ESE and have lost 8 lbs so far. I’m only doing body pump classes twice a week (almost every week). I’ve been eating all the foods I like, been partying with friends with some wine or beer, had ice-cream with my daugther several times, etc. It’s so wonderful to be able to just enjoy food absolutely guilt-free! I don’t feel so constrained to eat because I no longer need to comfort myself for the food-related guilt. It’s the easiest diet plan I’ve ever followed and I can easily imagine doing it forever. Thank you!!!


“…I have a new way of looking at food and eating”

I bought ESE just a year ago and did it all by itself. And since June, I’ve coupled it with Venus Index to help me lose the fat, just like KimmyBabs. No doubt about it, your first fast will be difficult. There’s no sugar-coating that fact. You’ll look at the clock obsessively. You can’t wait to reach the 24-hour mark. You’ll think about food obsessively. You’ll think you’re having headaches. You think you’ll collapse at work, home, while driving, picking up the kids.

But I think it’s all in the mindset. Think of your hunger pangs as your fat (your gasoline, so to speak) being burned. Think of fasting as something revolutionary. Think of fasting as a challenge to overcome. You learn to adapt with your subsequent fasts. You will learn which is really hunger or just “you wanna eat because you’re bored hunger”-hunger. You’ll learn that it really is OK to skip a meal or two or three. (We adults don’t need breakfast. Our children do.)

Probably the liberating aspect of ESE is its flexibility. I usually fast on Mondays and Fridays. If I’m really good, I’ll even pop in Wednesday in between. But usu., just those two days. But on days that I’m super-busy at work, it can be a combination of any two days. And it’s actually when I’m the busiest, that ESE is the easiest. And I become more productive. GET BUSY!

On my fast days, I stop eating at 18:30/19:00 the night before. This allows me to enjoy dinner with my family. The next morning, hubby and I have coffee with milk. And then for me, the rest of the day, it’ll be Perrier or water with lemon juice. Yes, I still look a the clock, but the lemon water and Perrier really do help me push on. By the time we’re all home, we’re fixing dinner and having family time.

I haven’t been consistent with ESE, but having bought the program and read it all, I have a new way of looking at food and eating. I’ve never been into diets, so ESE just seemed a natural way for me to help me lose weight. I kind of wish that other people would just get on board with the simplicity of it all, and stop obsessing about what not to eat and nutrients and supplements and new fads in fitness and all that other white noise out there.



“…Eat Stop Eat has saved my life!”

I just want to thank you Brad for finally freeing me from a life long addiction (or so I thought) to food. I’d exercise and workout and be wasting all my darn time because I could not seem to curb my calorie intake for anything but a short period of time. Now I understand why thanks to you Eat-Stop-Eat book.

Brad you ROC! I am currently fasting 3 times per week…because I have found I feel way better on my fast days. I am also not making it a hard and “fast” rule…but It’s not hard at all and I find it simply AMAZING. I notice I’m never hungry anymore so I can eat way healthier and have NO craves, NONE. You sir have saved my life. Eat Stop Eat has saved my life! There are not enough words to express my gratitude…..THANK YOU BRAD!!!!!



“…When I tried Eat Stop Eat it was SO easy!”

Brad, My husband is the one that bought your program first and I have to tell you that I kept telling my husband, “No, No, that can’t work”. I finally took a chance and tried it for myself. I do Eat Stop Eat twice a week as you instruct and I have had GREAT success.

I have been married for almost 7 years and love to be athletic. I have struggled with weight for a VERY long time and I have tried it all. From diet pills, to Atkins, to you name it! When I tried Eat Stop Eat, it was SO easy!

I can say now that I am comfortable with buying clothes, dressing cute and enjoying my kids because I have the energy! I would recommend this program to anyone.

Robin Thomas


“I have finally lost the few lingering pounds that were stopping me from feeling really good about myself.”

Brad, Eat Stop Eat has been an absolute revelation! After years of trying to follow all the generally accepted ‘rules’ for body fat loss, inconsistent as they are, I found I had hit a plateau, or really a brick wall, where I felt I was doing all I ‘should’ be doing but just not getting the awesome results I’d like.

I was getting OK results, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted to look as fit as I felt…As soon as I read Eat Stop Eat I realized how crazy the concept of eating all the time is, but how vested financial interests make it accepted and therefore truth.
I have finally lost the few lingering pounds that were stopping me from feeling really good about myself. I’ve literally been feeling like I’ve been taking a supplement that actually works, although I’m not taking anything at all.

I’ve gained muscle definition like never before and the layer of body fat that was covering it all has been noticeably disappearing! I am looking forward to getting down to under 140 pounds over the next couple of months – a full 14 pounds off my previous ‘good’ weight of 155 pounds!!

I really didn’t think I’d ever be there, but now it really is on the horizon! And all I have to do is nothing, not bad, eh?
So thanks Brad, for freeing me from OCE! And of course, for freeing me of those extra pounds!

Caroline Radway
South Hampton, UK


“Finally, I have found a program that I do not have to put any thought, counting, or effort into, its just EASY!”

After four years of constant weighing, measuring and counting everything I put in my mouth, I was burnt out.

I felt the “lightbulb over my head” the entire time I was reading Eat Stop Eat.

I’m just starting my third week on this program, and it has been painless, there is no weighing, no measuring and best of all no guilt associated with eating what I wanted.

Eat Stop Eat teaches you how to plan your fasts strategically for maximum benefit with minimum pain. I actually look forward to my fasting days now. Its like a mini challenge twice per week.

Finally, I have found a program that I do not have to put any thought, counting, or effort into, its just EASY!
Thank you!

Rosanne Clemente
Fitness Athlete