Great Fasting Advice

Sometimes it’s easy to forget why we do the things we do. And it’s also easy to forget what’s important. With Fasting, it’s not the hormonal stuff that’s the most important. It’s the mental part. For fasting to work it must be associated with positive reinforcement. When you finish a 24 hour fast, you should […]

Can You Gain Weight while You Fast?

Individuals who are curious about the Eat Stop Eat plan often ask whether it’s possible to gain weight while fasting. The answer is yes. Fasting is not magic, although it is a very effective way to create a calorie deficit and lose body fat. Let’s say you’ve been gaining weight for the last couple months, […]

3 Steps to Making Your Fasts Easier

Here’s three quick tips to help make your fasts easier 1) the people who have the easiest fasts are the ones who know they are doing something good for their bodies. If you start worrying that fasting is somehow ‘bad’ for you, your fasts are going to be difficult. 2) Fasting becomes even easier when […]

Cocaine and Fasting (Thought Experiment)

Here’s a quick ‘thought for the day’ to help you with your weight loss goals: We don’t help cocaine addicts by teaching them about the metabolism of serotonin-norepinephrine-dopamine re-uptake inhibitors or the hormonal implications of cocaine use, yet we try and help people lose weight by teaching them about hormones, metabolic pathways and glucose chemistry. […]

What if You Don’t Want to Fast?

A funny thing happens when you start to examine the research behind eating… You start to question how you should eat! It sounds silly, but it really can become confusing. After you realize there’s no such thing as starvation mode, and no need to eat 6 times per day, and really no reason to worry […]

The “Starvation Mode” Theory

Some diet gurus will tell you that not eating enough food will actually cause you to store more fat. They will also tell you that, in order to lose weight, you must keep eating. More specifically, they’ll tell you that you must keep eating their special foods. Confusing messages like these lead many to obsessive […]