Great Fasting Advice

Sometimes it’s easy to forget why we do the things we do.

And it’s also easy to forget what’s important.

With Fasting, it’s not the hormonal stuff that’s the most important.

It’s the mental part.

For fasting to work it must be associated with positive reinforcement.

When you finish a 24 hour fast, you should feel really good.

Because you finished.

You accomplished your goal.

You won.

The problem occurs when you get USED to fasting.

Once your used to fasting, you forget about the positive reinforcement.

And this can lead you to using fasting as PUNISHMENT.

Not good.

Fasting should not be a punishment.

As an example:

You have a bad night of eating, so you FORCE yourself to fast the next day.

You are now associating Fasting with something negative.

This can make fasting STOP working.

It can lead to binging before and after.

Bottom line: Don’t use fasting as a punishment (Simple message)

Always remember, fasting should be positive.

Here is a great Facebook message I received from Agnes about this exact topic:

“Seems that when I don’t use the fasting to punish myself and save calories for eating poorly or too much the day before I do much better. I hope that’s some insight to others.”

So if you want to make sure Eat Stop Eat keeps working remember to keep it positive. Don’t use your fasts as a punishment, use it as a tool to lose weight, and build positive momentum.

Every time you complete a 24 hour fast, it’s a small win for you.

(Yeah you!)

just a friendly reminder for this holiday season.

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