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The Omega Body Blueprint (former ‘Fat Loss Forever’) Review by Brad Pilon

John Romaneillo (the guy everybody calls ‘Roman’) emailed me 3 months ago to tell me he was going to launch an intermittent fasting program, my initial thought was


I couldn’t help it. I’m an overprotective smothering father, and Eat Stop Eat is one of my babies.

I’ve been writing about Intermittent Fasting since 2003. The first copy of Eat Stop Eat was published in 2006, so this was MY thing.

But as usual, after a brief period of random emotional outbursts, logic took over.

I don’t OWN intermittent fasting. I didn’t invent it. I didn’t discover it.

My goal is to help as many people as possible realize that intermittent fasting can be an incredibly effective way to lose
weight and to keep it off.

My job is to continually ensure that Eat Stop Eat is the world’s best intermittent fasting resource (That’s why I update it every year). However, I never expected Eat Stop Eat to be the ONLY intermittent fasting book in the world.

So I emailed Roman back and said,

“Send me a copy when it’s ready and I’ll read it”

Sure enough, 2 weeks ago, an email showed up from Roman with ‘Omega Body Blueprint‘ attached.

So I took a night to read his program.

Again I’ll be completely candid with you, I expected…well…the stuff you expect from most over-hyped diet programs.

But, that’s not what I found.

I found a fasting program that properly references its sources, even when those sources include me or Martin Berkhan (who has popularized another form of fasting).

I found a program that recommends cheat days, but a realistic version of cheat days that is both reasonable and doable.

I found what seems to be a version of the Reverse Taper Protocol.

I found some small things I disagree with (like the carb-combining stuff), but all in all, I found a well thought out program.

So here is where I’m stuck:

I feel as though everyone expects me to attack ANY and ALL weight loss programs.

And, I feel like I’m supposed to HATE on the ones that are marketed really well.

And of course, if I say something is actually ‘good’ I’m selling out to the man.

I get why, but that’s not doing you a service – That’s just me playing a character on the internet.

Truth be told, Roman’sOmega Body Blueprint program is doing a good job of bringing Intermittent Fasting to the forefront.

It’s a good read that is full of personality, and it has some interesting strategies for adding structure to your fasting and exercise program.

It’s stricter than anything I do, and for some people this extra bit of structure is actually a welcomed change.

If you’re searching for some structure to add to your weight loss path but still want to use intermittent fasting as a mainstay to your program then Roman has some interesting ways to fit it all together.

I’m still not a huge fan of scheduled cheat days…but all in all this is a good program.

So as my response back to Roman and his business partner Dan:



You did a good job on this program.

Well done.



And that’s that.

It may not be the rant you were hoping for, but it’s the honest answer.

If you’ve read Eat Stop Eat you will not find any new research in Fat Loss Forever, but what you will find are some interesting Ideas on how to apply fasting to your weekly routine.


PS – I know you’ve probably received about a dozen emails about this product, but just in case you have NO CLUE what I’m talking about you can check out the Omega Body Blueprint HERE:

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