The Growth Hormone Decreases Body Fat and Builds Lean Muscle

Many people think the growth hormone is responsible for helping children grow taller, but the truth is that adults utilize the hormone all throughout life to maintain their overall health.

I’d go so far as to say that growth hormone should be renamed “fasting hormone”, since growth hormone becomes especially important when an individual is fasting. During fasting periods, this hormone regulates metabolism and maintains muscle mass.

When a person fasts, his or her growth hormone interacts with an enzyme called hormone-sensitive lipase – or HSL, letting fat cells know when to release stored fat that the body can use for energy.

Contrary to what some believe, low insulin isn’t what causes fat to burn during fasting periods. In fact, scientific research has proven that very little fat is burned when insulin levels are low if growth hormone levels are also low.

If a person is attempting to get rid of body fat, a combination of low insulin levels and high growth hormone levels is the best approach.
An added bonus: The growth hormone has beneficial effects on muscle mass, which is also important when an individual is attempting to lose weight by fasting.

Some athletes have used supplemental growth hormones to enhance performance. The hormone is so effective at reducing body fat and building muscle mass that is has been banned by organizations such as the NCAA and the International Olympic Committee in its supplemental form.

An individual’s natural growth hormone is released every three to four hours, with the biggest release occurring approximately an hour after her or she falls into a deep sleep. Levels of the hormone are also increased during periods of intense exercise. Research has shown that as little as ten minutes of intense exercise can have a profound effect on the amount of growth hormone levels in a person’s body.

How can you get the most out of your growth hormones?

First, follow a flexible intermittent fasting method such as Eat Stop Eat. Brief periods of fasting can increase growth hormone levels. Secondly, if you want even more GH release, be sure to get at least ten minutes of intense exercise every day and get plenty of sleep each night, since both of these practices allow for optimal release of the growth hormone.

Healthy growth hormone levels will help your body burn fat and maintain muscle mass.

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