The Disinhibition Theory… It finds a home!

Just a quick post to let you know that I now have a game plan for explaining disinhibition theory.

Disinhibition theory will be one of the central topics for this year’s Uncensored Podcasts.

The podcasts are part of the Adonis / Venus Immersion package.

WARNING: This package is expensive. But also very worth it.

Now, you are not obliged or obligated to get immersion if you want to learn about disinhibition theory. I’m pretty sure that we will eventually publish a book on it sometime in the next year or two…so it’s not as if you’ll NEVER get the info.

But, if you want to follow along the podcasts as we sort out Disinhbition theory in real time and apply it not only to muscle building and fat loss but also to aging, supplements, the controversies in health and fitness research and to the entire Adonis Venus Philosophy then this is a great choice for you.

Here’s quick rundown of the theory:

The premise of our theory is incredibly simple – The ‘natural’ state for your body is growth, with checks and balances acting as breaks to prevent this growth.

As an analogy, it’s like having a car with the accelerator permanently stuck to the floor, and you regulate the speed of the car with by pushing down or letting up on the brake. Only in your body’s case there are dozens if not hundreds of brakes.

This is very different form the current accepted theory that the body simply stops growing and needs to be prodded or stimulated to grow further.

With our disinhibition theory you don’t need to ‘force’ growth, growth is the default setting.

What you need to do is examine the ‘brakes’ that are in place preventing growth if growth is what you desire*.

(*remember, these ‘brakes’ are EXTREMELY important – uncontrolled growth is not something we would ever, ever want.)

The brakes are both intrinsic and extrinsic – Meaning they can be from your own body (like the myostatin gene preventing muscle growth) or external (not working out would be a muscle growth brake so would various nutrient deficiencies).

The great thing about this theory is that it explains the lack of consistent results or guidelines we see with things like how much protein or calories we need to build muscle.

Under the diinhibition theory – a deficiency (too little) can be a break, but once that break is removed and you get enough/adequate amounts of protein or calories then adding more (a surplus) would do nothing to spur more muscle growth.

Once the brake is off it’s off…it can’t be ‘more off’

Another major aspect of this whole theory is denouncing the
idea of a genetic limit.

Limit… such a horrible word.

With disinihibition theory we like to think that the goal is a genetic Ideal. (much better word)

And just as Adonis and Venus are based around hitting an ideal, disinibition theory is exactly HOW we do this…my removing inhibitors…not by trying to ‘Stimulate’ our way to more muscle and less fat.

I really think this approach is going to make getting your ideal body a whole lot easier…

It’s all in immersion. Plus you get Lifetime Access to all Adonis Venus branded books and workouts…meaning everything new we come up with…you get it.

So do me a favor – if you’re interested take a couple minutes click the link below and let Brad Howard explain how the whole thing works.

The program’s are different for men and women, so…


Men click here Men’s Immersion

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PS- If you’ve already purchased any Adonis or Venus products make sure you let the people over at Adonis Venus know and they’ll credit that amount against your purchase of Immersion (they’re good like that).


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