The Reverse Taper Diet or How to Lose Weight Without Losing Muscle

It’s that time of year where people start to realize they only have about 3 months before they’re hanging out by pools and wearing bathing suits.

So naturally it’s also the time of year when people get super tempted to do some hard-core crash dieting.

Here’s my advice – DON’T BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE.

Crash Dieting can be a terrible mistake for some people. You may start off great, but when your body fat levels get really low things can change.

Bottom line – You CAN lose muscle and you CAN make yourself tired, lethargic and miserable when you are dieting if your body fat levels are REALLY low.

Luckily this is a problem I have avoided.

For me, Eat Stop Eat is how I lose weight, and the eating in between the fasts is how I keep from being tired, lethargic and well…Cranky.

However it’s taken 6 years of trial and error for me to figure how much to eat in between my fasts. I’m really happy with where I am. But I want to help you get there just a little bit faster 😉

John and I have put together a guide on how exactly we want people to go about managing the calories based on their own individual body shape and size.

We’ve called it the Reverse Taper Diet, and it’s based on the the Theory of Fat Availability.

A diet program that teaches you how much to eat on a week-to-week basis in order to maximize your fat loss while eliminating any chance of losing lean muscle mass, even when your body fat levels are really low.

And most importantly, this program is designed to teach you how to MAINTAIN your weight loss so you never rebound!

Here’s what you get…

– You get a very concise manual about how everything works and how to use the software

You get the software, which tells you exactly:

*Your Ideal Waist Measurement
*Your Ideal Shoulder Measurement
*Your most Likely ‘Target’ Weight
*How many calories you should roughly eat per day,

and even

*What your estimated weight change will be

All in all, this is a very COOL product.

I like it a lot.

 For me, anything that removes some of the guess work from getting lean is a step in the right direction.

Now, if you’re they type of person who just likes to wing it when it comes to counting calories then this is probably NOT for 

No biggie, just the truth.

Check it out here ==> The Reverse Taper Diet

I’ve done my best to give you a “done for you” approach to body transformations.



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