How Much Muscle Can I Build?

Many of us have false expectations about how much muscle we can actually build.

“Hi Brad!

I read almost every article u wrote, and your view is very impressive.
But I have 1 question (maybe off topic, sorry)

You say the amount of protein is not so important, the quality of the food is not so important (ok avoid crap), 2-3 workout per week is enough to keep or build muscle.

What is then the mistake what most of the average gym rat make?

Ok we can see some real life example like you, but every competitive bodybuilder use (or they lie) the old method (6-8 meals, lot of protein above 300 grams, lot of training, cardio everyday) and not only for the end of the preparation, but from the beginning.”

Hey Wood,

Average gym rats think they can get steroid-like muscle growth without taking steroids.

I believe it’s true when bodybuilders say they eat 8 meals per day, ingest more than 300 grams of protein, and do a lot of cardio training.

This may even be the right way to build muscle if you’re taking 3 grams of test a week along with GH, insulin, and maybe even Clenbuterol.

It’s even possible that males who aren’t bodybuilders and who use “a small amount of drugs” – cover models, for example, and maybe even “before and after” models – could benefit from eating this way.

I’m not an expert on the topic of drugs and their effect on the kinds of nutrients your body needs.

But for normal, non-drug-using adults, the amount of muscle you can add depends on your genetics and your training. Protein intake and food quality have very little to do with it – at least not as much as advertisers would like to have you think.

The bottom line is: Powdered protein will not give you steroid-like effects.

PS – I should point out that you don’t have to BE big to LOOK big, this is part of the problem.

People often assume people who LOOK muscular are ten, twenty even thirty pounds heavier than they actually are.

Most times, they are much lighter then you’d expect. They are just lean, and have muscle in the right places. is an example of this phenomena.

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