Eat Stop Eat vs. Frequent Meals

I have great memories of University. My days were filled with the perfect balance of hanging out in residence, having coffees with my buddies in the University center, going to classes and having the ability to workout WHENEVER I wanted.

Interestingly, even though I was in the gym almost every single day (I also worked in the gym as a supervisor) I never competed in any bodybuilding shows.

For me, the summer was my ‘ON’ season.

I would spend all fall and winter trying to put on muscle, and then starting in about March I would go on a strict diet to get lean for the summer.

I would always follow the 6 meals per day approach to trying to lose weight.

I would start my day with oatmeal and egg whites, 3 hours later I would have a protein shake and some fruit, 3 hours after that I would have chicken, rice and broccoli. Three hours later I would have another protein shake, then do my workout.

After my workout I would have a post-workout shake. Then finally before bed, I would have either another chicken breast or scrambled egg whites with veggies. I did this for the better part of my time in University.

I would spend every Sunday doing my shopping and cooking.

When I had long classes I would measure out my protein powder into a zip-lock bag and pack it along with a shaker cup.

And you know what? It worked just fine. As long as I was cutting my calories back I lost weight.

Luckily, now I know that I really didn’t have to do all that work.  Yep, now I don’t like 6 meals per day.. and I have some very good reasons that I want to share with you.

You may feel like you NEED to eat 6 times per day to lose weight, but I assure you this isn’t true.

Get the whole story about why I am no longer a fan of the 6 meals per day approach ==> Eat Stop Eat vs.  6 Meals per Day


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