Eat Stop Eat – Important Clarification

The whole principle behind Eat Stop Eat is relatively simple:

It’s the combination of fasting and weight training to lose weight and to make sure the weight you lose is mostly body fat.

The fasting creates the calorie deficit and optimal metabolic environment to lost body fat.

The weight training preserves your muscle mass and adds even more insurance that the weight you are losing is from your body fat.

But here’s where some big-time clarification is needed:

You do not to fast and weight train at the same time!

As long as you are weight training consistently at least a couple times a week, you are getting the muscle preserving benefits when you fast (which is muscle preserving all by itself).

But to be clear, to follow Eat Stop Eat properly, you do not have to Weight Train on the days that you can if you want to, but it’s not a prerequisite.

Keeping it simple.