Put the Fat Back

“Calorie restricted diets are pointless because they are hard to maintain and you just end up putting the fat back on once you stop the diet” I have NEVER understood this argument against dieting. To me, it’s just a back handed compliment: “Sure, you’re losing tons of fat now and you look great, but as […]

My Favorite Diet Hack

Here is one of my favorite “diet hacks.” Scotch. Scottish Whiskey. You’re probably wondering how this is a diet hack. Simple. It’s because it will save you lots of calories. An ounce of scotch contains about 70 calories. That’s less than a glass of wine (about 120 calories) or a bottle of beer (about 140 […]

An Essential Diet Hack

Here’s a trick to not eating more than you need to eat. Throw it out. Yes, you paid money for it. Yes, there are hungry people in the world. Right now, that’s not important. If you can master this one trick, you’ll see tremendously better weight loss results. Is your house full of candy on […]

Ladies’ Guide to Losing Weight

Many women simply try to eat less and exercise more until they are “small,” but I prefer taking a tactical approach that defines a woman’s goals. For an example, let’s use a woman who is 31 years old, is 5’6” tall, and weighs 160 pounds. She has about 35% body fat. She isn’t sedentary, but […]

Less Weight, More Money

Weight loss has turned into an industry, but it is really nothing new. The weight loss industry has been profitable since the 1800s – or maybe even earlier. If you need proof that the weight loss industry isn’t new, consider the story of Bernarr Macfadden as told in “Mr. America.” Most weight loss plans have […]

A Calorie is a Calorie

A great question from Chris: “Brad, I am on the fence about your program. I have been low-carbing it for a while now with some great results. However I am starting to feel a little limited in what I can eat. It would be nice to have the occasional taco or dessert! Are you saying […]