Why Intermittent Fasting Works for Women

I’ve thought of about a million different ways to explain why intermittent fasting works well for women, but the best way I can come up with is a fictional story: Janet and Kevin met when they were in college. Kevin, 6’2” and 205 pounds, wasn’t an “athlete,” but he worked out regularly and maintained a […]

How to Eat with Eat Stop Eat

I have a very complex list of things you must do if you want to lose weight and eat healthy: 1. Eat the foods you enjoy, but eat less of them. 2. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. 3. Most importantly, stop stressing about what you eat. If you can follow these simple […]

Eat Stop Exercise

Want to make the Eat Stop Eat plan even more effective? Incorporate an interval training exercise program. According to research, high intensity exercise – such as interval training – increases your body’s ability to recover better than prolonged low intensity exercise (Brockman et al, 1993). Clinical research also shows that a more pronounced reduction in […]