Ladies’ Guide to Losing Weight

Many women simply try to eat less and exercise more until they are “small,” but I prefer taking a tactical approach that defines a woman’s goals.

For an example, let’s use a woman who is 31 years old, is 5’6” tall, and weighs 160 pounds. She has about 35% body fat. She isn’t sedentary, but she also isn’t a fitness freak.

Let’s use the Venus Factor principles to map out a weight loss guide for this woman.

The average Lean Body Mass for a woman who is 5’6” is 104 pounds. A little less than 50% of that is skeletal muscle, so that means about 50 pounds is true muscle.

We also know that Lean Body Mass can be as high as 112 pounds for a woman who is 5’6”, but realistically, adding 4-5 pounds of muscle would be impressive since this would mean a 10% increase in skeletal muscle.

With an 8-10% increase in muscle mass, we have a Lean Body Mass of about 108 pounds.

When body fat is reduced to around 20%, we see a very large decrease in body fat – from 56 pounds to 27 pounds. Not all the weight loss would be body fat, but, over the long run, a lot of the weight loss would end up being from fat.

What we would end up with is a woman who is 5’6” and weighs about 135 pounds with about 20% body fat.

Keeping in mind that this woman would be roughly one standard deviation more muscular than the average 5’6” woman, we should expect to see a 25 inch waist and shoulders that are between 40 and 41 inches in circumference.

The above description is this woman’s “body road map” – something to strive for while visiting the gym to gain or maintain strength.

Strength brings muscle mass. Unless you’re a beginner athlete, you can’t get stronger at a lift without your muscle getting a little larger. If you want to build a more attractive body, you need to have some muscle that allows you to have a “shape” underneath your skin and fat.

The woman in our example should take her measurements, test some basic lifts in the gym, and then track her weight loss progression.

This is what it means to be tactical with weight loss.

This gives you a map, and you have some measurements to use as guidelines. With these guidelines, you should be able to eat less, lose weight, and track your progression to make sure the inches lost from your waist and hips is greater than the inches lost from your shoulders.

This isn’t a perfect road map. You could genetically have very wide shoulders, or you may not be capable of having a 25 inch waist. You should be able to get very close to your goals, though, and having a rough map is better than having no direction at all.

Tactical body shaping is what the Venus Factor is all about. The Venus Factor is a road map that makes your weight loss process easier.

Your body is malleable. You can shape it into whatever form you want to as long as you’re tactical and realistic.

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