Don’t spend 90% of your life trying to lose 5% of your weight

I found a quote on the internet the other day that perfectly sums up how I want you to utilize Eat Stop Eat:

“Don’t spend 90% of your life trying to lose 5% of your weight”

It’s not the ‘time spent’ I’m worried about, it’s the ‘Mind-Time spent’.

With today’s sedentary lifestyle, unless you live on a farm or do physical work, you are going to have to spend some amount of time purposefully being active, and anything worth doing is worth doing well, so that time should be used as efficiently and effectively as possible to challenge your muscles.

So it’s not the time spent being active that concerns me, but the stress, the mind-space, and the preoccupation.

Fast once or twice a week for 24ish hours. Weight train 3 to 4 times per week, stay active, and avoid the nasty habit of letting health and fitness consume your life.

From my experience the people who think and talk about nutrition and fitness the most are rarely the ones in the best shape.

The people who argue and post about fitness and nutrition on twitter and youtube comments are rarely the leanest or the strongest.

And the ultra lean people I know are neither the happiest nor most content.

Remember – A large proportion of the people you see on Instagram or Facebook showing of their beautiful bodies do so for a living… and a smile can be practiced 😉

Bottom line  – There is nothing wrong with trying to better yourself, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of enjoying yourself.

Do the work needed in the gym. Practice restraint at the dinner table. Don’t eat when you’re not hungry, but don’t forget to enjoy the occasional treat.

Finally, please remember – Thinking, reading, arguing and stressing over your diet or exercise program won’t actually help you lose weight, even though it may feel like you are doing work.

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