Multiple cause obesity

In last letter to my subscribers I talked about my issue with health and nutrition advocates.

That they often blatantly ignore the hypothesis of multiple possible causes.

Today’s nutrition looks at all of the suggested causes, and does its best to pick the ‘most likely cause’… mostly by siding with personal biases and picking and choosing which research it wants to believe.

It picks what either A) fits today’s rhetoric the best or B) picks the controversial answer that will get the most clicks / air-time / magazine reads.

In today’s nutrition we get attached to one dogmatic explanation… and this is basically the definition of superstition.

In my last email on this topic email I made the mistake of using weight loss as an example…

People are emotionally and dogmatically attached to their views on weigh loss, so naturally suggesting that their could be more than one cause for obesity sent some people into a tizzy…

Which is exactly my issue with the whole concept…

We emotionally choose the option we like best.

This never works well.

To explain multiple possible causes WITHOUT using weight loss as an example, we can look to exhaustion.

Everyone experiences exhaustion at some point in their lives.

But it’s not always for the same reason.

For some it is work stress, others it’s a thyroid problem, still others it’s exposure to carbon dioxide.

There are probably dozens of possible causes for exhaustion.

Therefore there are multiple solutions.

For some it’s a good night’s rest. For others, sleep could actually make the problem worse.

Multiple possible causes, multiple possible solutions.

Weight gain and weight loss are similar… Multiple possible causes working through both unique and similar pathways to cause a common outcome.

Save yourself from the anxiety of trying to find the ONE ANSWER, be open to the idea of multiple possible causes.

Then you will be free to experiment, then pick and choose what works for you and what fits best for you with much less stress and anxiety.

What is optimal for you may not be optimal for me and vice versa.

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