P90x Teamed up with Eat Stop Eat?

So by now, you’ve probably heard of P90X. You know… that workout routine you can do at home..the one that EVERYBODY is following (at least, that’s what it seems like looking at all those FaceBook updates). So here’s my thing… 1) It seems like a good workout for a beginner, or someone who’s been off […]

Eat Stop Eat vs. Reverse Taper Diet

This was the email I received yesterday about the Reverse Taper diet: The Reverse Taper Diet seems to complicate things and go against what I assumed you meant with Eat Stop Eat.  (eg eat what you want, work out, stop eating for 24hr, lose weight, repeat cycle) Why the added complication? Just curious. A fair […]

The 5th Edition of Eat Stop Eat has Arrived!

After a year of writing, reviewing and editing, the 5th edition of Eat Stop Eat is finally ready, and it’s a BIG ONE! I’ve included all the recent research on intermittent fasting, as well as new information on hunger, muscle growth, endurance training, testosterone, and cellular cleansing. You’ll be really happy with how this one […]

Eat Stop Eat – Important Clarification

The whole principle behind Eat Stop Eat is relatively simple: It’s the combination of fasting and weight training to lose weight and to make sure the weight you lose is mostly body fat. The fasting creates the calorie deficit and optimal metabolic environment to lost body fat. The weight training preserves your muscle mass and […]

Eat Stop Eat = Routine Periodic Fasting

Fasting is making headlines again! Here are just two of the subjects of e-mails which have been sent to me in the last week: “Routine Periodic Fasting Is Good for Your Health, and Your Heart, Study Suggests” and “Study: Periodic fasting good for health, heart” Why all the buzz? The mainstream media has caught wind […]

The NEW Eat Stop Eat

I’m pleased to announce that the Fourth Edition of Eat Stop Eat is finally ready. I’ve included more research as well as added extra information on Hunger and Inflammation. I’ve been struggling to really describe all the changes I’ve made, but then I realized, it’s probably better if I just link to a review. So […]

Working Out with Eat Stop Eat

Many people in the fitness industry promote a combination of “fat burning” workouts and “muscle building” nutrition. I believe this is a completely backwards and highly ineffective approach to improving the looks of your body. Here’s why: It’s very difficult to lose weight purely by working out, whether you try long distance running, interval training, […]