How to be healthy on any diet

If you’ve been around this community for a while you probably know how important I think measurements are. And you may have a good idea of how each measurement predicts changes in fat or muscle mass. Now we can move on to exactly why I think this is so important. Here we go: Firstly, I […]

Your Belly’s Bermuda Triangle

The time between American Thanksgiving and the Superbowl weekend can be like the Bermuda Triangle for your belly. Yet as the food seems to just “disappear” into that bottomless pit… it has to end up somewhere, right? This extended “Holiday Zone” seems to cause your best of intentions to mysteriously disappear. And the constant stream […]

Zero percent body fat?

In my opinion the the goal of weight loss isn’t 0% body fat, the goal is to like the way you look. Now, I know 0% is ludicrous, and would have to involve the removal of your brain… but the point is body fat percentages are arbitrary. 3.8% vs 4.3% vs 8% Really, what is […]