Eat Stop Eat vs. Reverse Taper Diet

This was the email I received yesterday about the Reverse Taper diet:

The Reverse Taper Diet seems to complicate things and go against what I assumed you meant with Eat Stop Eat.  (eg eat what you want, work out, stop eating for 24hr, lose weight, repeat cycle) Why the added complication? Just curious.

A fair question for sure. This was my Answer:

Some people really want to know roughly how many calories to eat, and get confused when I answer ‘it depends on how much fat you have’

For some reason ‘eat as you normally would’ is a difficult concept to some people – they are in a perpetual cycle of over or under eating. For those people I wanted to give them an answer and a

The answer is easy, but the solution has to change as their bodies change.

That’s the reverse taper diet. It’s based on the theory of fat availability. So it adjusts based on your level of leanness and muscularity. It’s a compliment to Eat Stop Eat, not a replacement
for it.

If Eat Stop Eat is “When to eat”, the Reverse Taper Diet is “How much to eat” given your current fat and muscle mass<– that’s the part that makes it unique.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Reverse Taper Diet yet, I suggest you go here:



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