Cocaine and Fasting (Thought Experiment)

Here’s a quick ‘thought for the day’ to help you with your weight loss goals:

We don’t help cocaine addicts by teaching them about the metabolism of serotonin-norepinephrine-dopamine re-uptake inhibitors or the hormonal implications of cocaine use, yet we try and help people lose weight by teaching them about hormones, metabolic pathways and
glucose chemistry.

While learning about the science of weight loss is fun and interesting, the most important part of any weight loss plan is dealing with our habits, environment, perceptions and stressors.

With this being said, the most important part of Eat Stop Eat isn’t the effect on growth hormone or insulin, but rather what you learn during the 24 hours that you are fasting.

Concentrate on using this time to figure out which of your habits, environmental factors, and perceptions are contributing to how much you eat.

Basically – pay attention to what drives you to eat.

Sure you’ll lose weight by fasting, but if you also use your fasts to help improve the way you eat when you are eating, then you’re setting yourself up for long term success.


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