An Essential Diet Hack

Here’s a trick to not eating more than you need to eat.

Throw it out.

Yes, you paid money for it. Yes, there are hungry people in the world. Right now, that’s not important.

If you can master this one trick, you’ll see tremendously better weight loss results.

Is your house full of candy on the day after Halloween?

Throw it out. You don’t need it.

Keep enough for the kids, and throw the rest away.

Is it the day after a birthday party, a retirement party, or a holiday gathering?

If you have leftover sweets, you’ll be tempted. Why do that to yourself?

I know it causes you guilt to throw food away, but you need to learn to win this battle.

If you keep the food, you’re paying to have more body fat than you want.

If you keep it, you’ll eat it.

Use this trick for leftovers too.

It’s OK to keep some healthy leftovers, but you don’t need to hang on to half of a two-day-old pizza.

This is one of the hardest Diet Hacks to learn, but it pays off.

“Treats” are for celebrations. Treats that are saved only lead to body fat.

Learn to throw it out.

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