Zero percent body fat?

In my opinion the the goal of weight loss isn’t 0% body fat, the goal is to like the way you look.

Now, I know 0% is ludicrous, and would have to involve the removal of your brain… but the point is body fat percentages are arbitrary.

3.8% vs 4.3% vs 8%

Really, what is in a number?

The goal of any weight loss program should be to be happy with, and proud of, your body- Not to hit some predetermined arbitrary number.

Yes, I agree that knowing these numbers helps for tracking and measuring progress etc, but they are not something to obsess over.

When I get 220 pounds guys with 6% body fat emailing me asking questions on how to lose fat with fasting I know something is up.

Like I said, the goal isn’t 0, the goal is happy…not just with the look, but with the amount of work it takes to get and maintain that look.

Not to sound to ‘life coachy’, but balance is important.

Take a breath, relax. Your weight is going to go up and it’s going to go down.

Some days you are going to look awesome in the mirror, other days it wont be as great as you would like (but it will be good).

As long as the general trend always moves you towards something you are proud of and happy with, you are doing great.

I don’t see a reason to obsess over arbitrary numbers

Please don’t let diet and nutrition become an obsession or make you neurotic.

You’ll get where you are trying to go. Give it time and enjoy the process.

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