Your Belly’s Bermuda Triangle

The time between American Thanksgiving and the Superbowl weekend can be like the Bermuda Triangle for your belly.

Yet as the food seems to just “disappear” into that bottomless pit… it has to end up somewhere, right?

This extended “Holiday Zone” seems to cause your best of intentions to mysteriously disappear.

And the constant stream of social gatherings of family and friends lead to periods of overeating that you just can’t escape from.

You’ll also face hidden temptations like leftovers, stealing your children’s candy and extra drinks with friends, or your crazy uncle.

Basically, you’re at constant threat of a ‘perfect weight gain storm’

This is when you have to be diligent. However, it’s NOT the time to lock yourself away and never see friends and family – that’s not the point.

I mean heck… all the parties and stuff are fun, right?!

The point is to be able to navigate these months while still enjoying time spent with friends and family.

Step 1: Get into a groove with your fasting. Find the right days, the right start and stop times and the right length of fasting time that really jives with your current schedule.

If family events mean you have to cut a fast a little short, that is perfectly alright.

A 16 hour fast once per week is generally better than no fasts at all. So be really flexible here, get into a routine, but don’t get too upset when your routine gets thrown off by events. Be structured but adaptable.

Step 2: Get your workouts in a groove. My personal opinion is that this is the time to really strive for consistency. It’s the time to get in the gym and just do work.

If you’re not a gym person, then it’s time to find a good flow in whatever it is you do, but make sure exercise is part of your routine for the next couple of months. Again, be structured but adaptable.

Get these two steps in place, and I’ll make sure to do my best to keep you on course and we can weather this storm with as little damage as possible.

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