The flexibility of control and what really matters (Diet Advice)

For many people intermittent fasting has become PART of the obsessive compulsive eating epidemic, instead of being a ‘cure’ for it.

When I first wrote Eat Stop Eat I meant it to be a replacement for many of today’s diet rules, not as an ‘add on’ or an addition.

From my experience the more complicated your diet, the more you stress over it, the more you read about it, the more you plan and strategize, the more likely you are to fail, or to just give up. In the short-term it may work wonders, but long-term it sets up a pretty large crash.
Plus, I’m a firm believer that you are not supposed to spend your entire life on a diet

So if you are still struggling with your weight I recommend simplifying your approach.

Go back and give Eat Stop Eat a read.

The truth is Eat Stop Eat isn’t really about fasting – it’s about giving you control of when you choose to eat. Through short breaks in eating (24 hour fasts) we learn that we can both eat, and not eat, whenever we feel the time is right.

That’s the power of Eat Stop Eat – It’s the flexibility and power you get from knowing that you are in control of when you choose to eat, and how much you choose to eat.

Not hormones, not frontal cortex brainwaves…you. You are in control.

And if you are in control of how often and how much you choose to eat, then eating just isn’t so stressful anymore… it’s enjoyable, just like it should be.

That’s the point of today’s post – You can eat responsibly, take the occasional break from eating and have tremendous weight loss results – you don’t have to complicate the process to make it work.

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