P90x Teamed up with Eat Stop Eat?

So by now, you’ve probably heard of P90X.

You know… that workout routine you can do at home..the one that EVERYBODY is following (at least, that’s what it seems like looking at all those FaceBook updates).

So here’s my thing…

1) It seems like a good workout for a beginner, or someone who’s been off for a while.

2) the main complaint I see people making…the diet and supplement plan are too complicated.

The solution?

Eat Stop Eat


Eat Stop Eat can fit into any diet… In fact, I like to think of it as a way to make any diet or exercise program better.

…after all, I don’t tell you what to eat, just what NOT to eat 😉

So if you are trying P90X, and want to give up because you don’t like the diet, do me (and you) a favor, try Eat Stop Eat with P90X first.

I suggested this idea on twitter today and this is what I was told

“I have done ESE and P90X together and it is like pouring gasoline on fat and lighting it with a match- 207lbs to 181 since Mar 1st”

“I’m doing just that. Just completed week 10 of P90X. Down 23 lbs fat since Jan 3rd.”

(seems like a bunch of people are waaaay ahead of me)

The reality is Eat Stop Eat can work with almost any properly designed training program to help you lose weight while also getting in shape.

And while P90x and Insanity are a little to intense for my likings (I’m a good old fashion lift weights kinda guy) lots of people do like them.

Start with the diet –> Eat Stop Eat, then experiment with different workouts until you find one that give you the results you want.

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