In Search of Perfect Abs

Sometimes, what holds you back in your weight loss efforts and your quest for perfect abs are not typical words, such as protein, fat, carbs, calories or extreme body workout.

Two of your biggest obstacles have nothing to do with what you eat. They are self confidence and perfection.

There is a misconception that it takes a “special” person to be successful at weight loss. We tend to think that the individuals who hand out dieting advice are perfect people – living perfect lives, with perfect bodies and perfect jobs.

When we compare ourselves to these perfect people, we feel like we’ll never measure up – and that causes us to lose confidence.

Nobody is perfect, though.

The truth is that the diet guru who seems to eat perfectly is actually addicted to chocolate. The guy who gives out advice on how to bench press 600 pounds has actually had three shoulder surgeries and bone spurs removed from his elbows because of the strain he’s put on his body.

The celebrity who says he’s been dedicated to a workout program to get in shape for his next movie forgot to mention he’s also taking anabolic steroids. The Paleo diet princess who says high fructose corn syrup is of the devil secretly enjoys the occasional Coke at the movies. The magazine covers you see are a result of Photoshop mastery.

So, when you realize that you’re not perfect either, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

If you think it’s impossible to have shredded abs without even flexing – professional fitness models feel the same way.

Perfect abs just don’t exist, in spite of what movies or magazine covers try to tell us.

Our abilities to reach our own goals are being hurt by our illusion of perfection.

Here are a few things of which you can be sure:

Some days, you’ll go off your diet.

Sometimes, your efforts at weight loss will plateau – and sometimes, your weight will go up.

Some days, you’ll love the way you look, and on other days, you won’t. But the truth is that you probably look the same on either day.

This doesn’t mean you’re a failure. This means you’re human.

You will break a fast early. You’ll eat more than you want to. You’ll miss a workout. You’ll eat a food that’s “bad.” Even the most dedicated fitness professional will not be able to eat perfectly and diet hardcore for four months straight.

If you slip up, don’t get discouraged. Just keep moving toward your goals – and remember: No one is perfect. That should help your self confidence.

When you realize that no one is perfect, you lose your reason not to be self confident.

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