A “hack” to make ice-cream fit your diet

Ice cream is awesome. In fact, it’s probably my favorite dessert.

And, thanks to this little hack, I have ice cream almost every day, even when I’m trying to lean out.

Here’s the hack.

The ingredients in quality Ice-cream are DENSE — good ice-cream is made of cream, egg and sugar… Not exactly a list of ‘diet foods’

But if you pick the right ice-cream that has the right ‘overrun’ you can totally get away with an ice-cream a day.

Overrun refers to the amount of air that is whipped and then trapped in the base ice cream mixture. For example, an overrun of 100 percent would mean for every gallon of ice cream mix, you get two gallons of finished ice cream.

This is very similar to the process of whipping air into cream to make whipped cream or beating egg whites to make meringue.

Without this air, the frozen ice cream mix would basically be a flavored milk ice cube. Hard to scoop and very hard to eat.

Now, I don’t know of any ice-cream brand that lists it’s overrun percentage on its label, but luckily you don/t really need it.

Ice-cream is sold by volume, not weight, but some quick math will tell you that ‘serving’ of ice-cream can have anywhere from 150 to almost 300 calories.

As a guide, an ice cream with a high overflow — a 100 gram serving of delicious mint chocolate chip ice-cream makes for a decent sized fulfilling bowl — will contain about 150-200 Calories worth of ice-cream.

The ingredients won’t necessarily be cheaper or poorer quality, there is simply more air trapped in the mixture.

So don’t rule out ice-cream entirely just because you are trying to lose weight, just be smart about it.

Look for quality ingredients but in a container that is lighter than the rest.

Remember, small tweaks add up over time. And if you’re following the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle, you have a lot more leeway on your “Eat” days than folks trying to follow traditional diets…

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