“Three Foods Which can Boost Your Metabolism and Help You Lose Weight Quickly!“

If you’re reading this article to learn which foods you should eat in order to boost your metabolism, you’ve just bought in to one of the biggest marketing angles in the weight loss industry today. Many in the industry try to get you to believe that your metabolism is to blame for your weight problem. But, ironically, those people aren’t even using the word “metabolism” correctly.

Metabolism is the term scientists use to describe the chemical reactions that take place in your body. Metabolic rate describes the calories burned by your body.

There is nothing you can do to significantly change your metabolism or your metabolic rate other than to exercise. Your body will burn a certain number of calories in any given day, no matter what you eat.

While caffeine and other stimulants may help you burn a few extra calories per day, no foods or diet plans exist which can cause you to magically boost your metabolism.

Even caffeine – the amount consumed with a couple extra sips of regular coffee – will only cause you to burn 30 or 40 extra calories in a day. Even if the caffeine was capable of raising your metabolic rate by 100 calories in a day, this amount wouldn’t change the amount of body fat you have.

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