How to Eat with Eat Stop Eat

I have a very complex list of things you must do if you want to lose weight and eat healthy:

1. Eat the foods you enjoy, but eat less of them.

2. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.

3. Most importantly, stop stressing about what you eat.

If you can follow these simple guidelines, then, in my opinion, you’re eating perfectly.

Of course it’s important to eat “real food” over food-like substances. But if you’re eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, you’re already doing this.

I could also advise you to avoid flavoring your food with salt and sugar. But if you’re eating a lot of herbs and spices, you’re already doing this, too.

Finally, we could talk about the importance of having a healthy relationship with the foods you eat. A lot of overeating and obsessive/compulsive eating that takes place today is a result of unhealthy relationships with food. But if you’re enjoying the foods you eat and are not stressing about what you eat, you’re already avoiding this problem, too.

Simplicity is always the goal with the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle. That’s why simple guidelines are all you need in order to maintain healthy eating habits.

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