How much weight will I lose with Eat Stop Eat?

“How much weight will I lose with Eat Stop Eat?”  I am asked that question often.

You can find my answer to this question in the FAQ section at the end of Eat Stop Eat, but I will also answer it here:

You should be able to consistently lose one to two pounds per week when you follow the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle.

Many people report that they have lost as many as seven pound per week by following the program, but these are exceptions.

Some people lose three or four pounds per week during the first couple weeks of the lifestyle, but this is mostly due to the loss of inflammation, excess water, and some fat mass.

While some people do lose an impressive amount of pounds during the first couple months of following the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle, don’t be fooled into thinking that the program is a starvation or a crash diet.

Eat Stop Eat is designed to create sustainable weight loss. Strive for long-term weight loss success, and look for trends in your weight losses and gains. (Remember that your weight can fluctuate by as much as two or three pounds in just one day.)

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